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Hello & welcome. I'm Joey Salim. I'm a designer, animator, film-maker, and illustrator.
I also develop content and marketing for projects; whether they're on-air, off-air or online.

Here you can take a look at examples of my work, including the Emmy Award-winning
Mad Men main title. There's also a title sequence I created for Gossip Girl and another I helped
design for Going The Distance and Bride Wars. You can read about and watch 5 short films
I co-wrote and developed for Lexus. Take a look at my illustrations for the Book trailer for
Seth Grahame-Smith's latest book, Unholy Night. There is also the concept, design and film
installation I helped develop for Times Square, and my animation for a film about Paul Rand.

For an overview of my work please check out my portfolio.

Thank you for visiting!